6 Reasons Your Water Bill is So High

If you are concerned with rising water costs, you are not alone. Many people would love to lower the cost of their bills, yet it seems they continue to increase. There are many causes of expensive water bills, including the six on this list.

1.  Leaky Toilets: About 31% of indoor water usage comes from toilets. If they start leaking, it is a big problem. You can usually hear a leaky toilet, but do not ignore the problem as so many people do.

2.  Leaky Faucets: If the toilet is not leaking, maybe it is a leaky faucet that causes the increase in water bill amounts. The heavier the leak, the more water that is used and the more money you will pay the water company.

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3.  Lateral Line Leaks: Underground pipes feeding water to your metered connection can experience damage and result in a leak. This often occurs as a loose joint or cracks in the pipe.

4.  Outdated Fixtures: Believe it or not, old, outdated fixtures can pose significant problems in a household, including leaks and added expense to the bills each month. It may be a good idea to invest in more modern fixtures in such cases.

5.  Changes in Water Usage: Maybe the household is using more water lately. Are you washing clothes more often than before? Are there more people in the home? These are a couple examples of things that add costs to the water bill.

6.  Water Waster: If you have any water wasters in your home, expect higher water bills. Those include top loading washers, using washing for half loads, lengthy showers, and running water to thaw meat.

If the problems above cause your water bill to rise in price, call for handyman jobs in westerville oh to put them to an end. For a small price, a handyman can repair, install, and otherwise prevent overuse of water and ultimately decrease the costs of your water bill each month.